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If you're moving in or out of Fredericksburg, Virginia and need a reliable, well-maintained and affordable rental truck, these companies offer options to ensure a successful move.

ONE-WAY TRUCK RENTAL - When you're embarking on a "do-it-yourself" move you need a truck rental that is convenient, affordable and reliable. When your Fredericksburg truck rental comes from our national partner, you get all that and more.

Safe - When you're behind the wheel of a Fredericksburg truck rental, you're driving a moving truck that has received routine expert maintenance by professional technicians to ensure your safe travel in all road conditions.

Convenient -Why drive out of your way to pick up your Fredericksburg truck rental? Our partner has convenient locations across North America - there's one near you. Reserve your truck online or by telephone then pick it up when you're ready to move. Return the vehicle to the same Fredericksburg truck rental location or drive it one way and drop it off at another location when you arrive in your new city.

Easy - Want a one stop shop for moving? Get your towing equipment, moving supplies and accessories in one place at affordable prices. With affordable rates and a variety of easy to understand rental plans, obtaining your rental truck through our partner is the easiest part of moving.

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ABF U-PACK -If your move is taking you out of Fredericksburg and you don’t want to do the driving, leave it to ABF.  With the U-Pack solution for your long distance Fredericksburg move, rent a truck, trailer or a Relocube™ from ABF and have it delivered to your northern Virginia address.  You pack, load the truck and call ABF to pick it up.  A professional ABF driver will transport your belongings to your new address.

When you choose the U-Pack solution for your long distance move, you pack on your own schedule, load your belongings to the truck as you see fit and then entrust them to a professional driving team.  You are free to travel to your new destination without the added challenge of driving a rental truck.  Think you might want to make a side trip during your trip but don’t want to miss delivery of your belongings?  No problem!  Find out where they are using ABF’s unique tracking system.

Reserve your ABF U-Pack moving solution today.  Find out how much you can SAVE by clicking here.

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For your local Fredericksburg move, you need a reliable and affordable moving vehicle. Use ApartmentStores Moving and Relocation to help you find one. Check out the local truck rental companies featured on this site to help you find something to meet your needs. Select a local truck rental based on the best size truck for your move and rates that fit your budget. Options may include renting for the day or by the hour; paying by the mile or getting free mileage.

For your northern Virginia move to be successful, keep it small and manageable; pick-up and return your moving vehicle to the same Fredericksburg truck rental location on the same day. Make your Fredericksburg move happen on your terms. Pack on your own time, pick the day to move, select the travel route - control every aspect of your move. Moving yourself doesn't have to be stressful; determine your moving needs and turn to ApartmentStores Moving and Relocation to help you meet them.