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   Whether you have a home or property at risk for foreclosure, you're in the middle of a foreclosure or you're looking to invest in foreclosed properties, ApartmentStores Moving and Relocation can help you navigate the process.  Through our strategic partnerships, the resources you need are available with only a few clicks of your mouse.  From debt consolidation loans, property listings, real estate valuation services, even moving and storage solutions, ApartmentStores Moving and Relocation has the services you need to make informed, efficient and effective decisions regarding foreclosure or foreclosed properties.

   Foreclosure Rates – For a variety of reasons, foreclosures are at their highest rates in over 50 years and, like all things real estate, the level of foreclosure activity varies greatly depending upon location.  Learn more about what is fueling the pace of foreclosures, efforts to stem the tide and predictions for the future.

   Preforeclosure –If you are behind in mortgage payments for 30 days, your loan is in default.  After 90 days, your name and property are documented in public records at your local courthouse.  This is the “90 day Notice of Default” (N.O.D.) or pre-foreclosure stage.  Pre-foreclosure is the time for you to find solutions to stop the foreclosure process.  Find resources and potential solutions with ApartmentStores.

   Credit Consequences – A completed foreclosure is the worst thing that can happen to your credit rating; even worse than bankruptcy.  A foreclosure on your credit report will impact your ability to borrow money for 7 to 10 years.  It can also affect insurance premiums, eligibility for employment, even deposits for utilities.  Use ApartmentStores Moving and Relocation to find solutions to prevent an increase to your credit score.

   Short Sale –A real estate short sale is when a property is sold for less than the amount owed on it.  While an unfortunate experience for a property owner, it's better than a foreclosure.  For investors, a short sale may be an excellent buying opportunity.  Learn more about the details of a short sale and how to locate properties.

FOR INVESTORS   Foreclosure Listings –With the number of foreclosures on the rise, there is significant opportunity for real estate investors.  The rise in foreclosures will cause more downward pressure on real estate prices and result in a buying opportunity in the market.  Find foreclosed properties that meet your price and neighborhood specifications.

   Foreclosure Auctions –Before you attend an auction of foreclosed property, make sure you understand the process, benefits and pitfalls to ensure your success