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Texas Apartment Locators has been finding rental housing for residents since 1972 and is considered one of the "founders" of the "locating industry".

Many say Texas Apartment Locators has essentially "written the book" on locating and is probably the most imitated company of its kind.

The original standards of conduct, code of ethics and operating practices for locating were originated by Texas Apartment Locators years ago. These concepts have remained essentially unchanged despite the vast improvements in available technology.

It is little wonder then, why residents and property owners alike have rated Texas Apartment Locators agents as some of the best, if not the best anywhere, year after year.

As a charter member of the THE APARTMENT NETWORKtm the company has worked to ensure that all associated members throughout the country adhere to the same high standards.

Texas Apartment Locators has offices throughout the major metropolitan areas of Texas staffed with highly trained, skilled and licensed individuals, many of whom have worked on-site at rental communities before joining the company.

Texas Apartment Locators agents only business is rentals, both short and long term, in all types of rental communities. They must utilize all of their time and energy to stay informed of the complex and rapidly changing nature of the rental market.
They are required to continually visit each rental community and the surrounding neighborhoods in their areas to ensure they have personal knowledge of what they rent.

Since Texas Apartment Locators does not accept advertising from any rental community our agents are free to provide each resident with everything that is available, not just a limited selection, like so many other locators do.

Our agents will provide the resident with a comprehensive verified list of rental units and be happy to personally escort them to each.

For Apartments in Austin call: 1-800-267-9828
For Apartments in Dallas call: 1-800-248-1715
For Apartments in Houston call: 1-888-825-6350
For Apartments in San Antonio call: 1-800-571-2034


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