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In 2004, Memphis boasted that their violent crime rate was at the lowest it had been in more than ten years.  Unfortunately, since 2004, Memphis has had difficulties in maintaining those statistics.  In 2005, the city’s violent crime rate surged upwards to 20% and the local police have been fighting hard to hinder gang-related activities. In 2006, robberies of both individuals and businesses increased significantly.  In fact, robberies of business more than doubled in just the first half of 2006! 

Just recently, Memphis took second in the Sperling’s ( “Worst Large City for Crime 2007”.  The report stated that the city had the second highest violent crime rates in the nation, and robberies and burglaries in Memphis were among the highest in the nation.

If you live in Memphis, and have been the victim of any crime, you understand the frustration and the emotional turmoil that accompanies the situation.  The Memphis police department may, or may not have, already taken its step of pressing charges against the perpetrator.  But what should your first step be?  In the event of any crime, after the primary contacts (police department, insurance company, etc.) you might want to consult a Memphis lawyer to discuss your options.

Regardless of the reason you are researching Memphis lawyers to work with, you want to find the top-licensed industry professional that meets your needs.  In addition, you want to find a professional that is easy to work with and in which you have complete confidence in.  

If you are seeking a lawyer in Memphis to assist you with matters involving a rape, murder, assault, burglary, DWI, a real estate sale, bankruptcy, personal injury, custody, divorce or any other personal or corporate legal issue, the Memphis lawyers here can counsel and offer you assistance and quickly resolve your legal matters.

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