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Clark is best known as the Potato Capital of South Dakota; famous for it's Mashed Potato Wrestling contest that attracts attendees from far and wide. Now there's something to be said for getting dirty for a good challenge, but when it comes to moving, portable storage containers give you a clean break from the hardships of renting a moving truck or the financial difficulties of paying for a full-move by six men and a truck.

Portable storage containers offer you what you need for what you want to pay. No more guessing if the moving truck is going to clear the branch that hangs above the driveway and no searching for diesel in the middle of the night. Portable storage containers are delivered to you and transported to a secure indoor facility when you are done. It's that simple. When you are ready for your belongings to be delivered to the new place, schedule the time and place they will arrive at your convenience!

Simply need storage for a month or two? Portable storage offers easy-loading units with lots of space to store your valuables. So no matter what you need a portable storage container for, it's a snap!

When you need a moving solution that breaks you free from the strict rules of a moving line, consider portable storage containers! You'll be glad you did!