If you were considering using a rental truck, moving company, household mover or relocation service in your move - Stop and contact ValueMoves at 1-888-530-5899. We relieve all the stress associated with your self move and save money, time and headaches along the way. Here's how it works:

truck rental - Move yourself and save with ValueMoves truck rental

Save Money

Save Time

Save Headaches

With ValueMoves, you don't have to worry about flat tires, gasoline, oil, tolls, or mechanical failures such as transmission or engine blowouts. It's stressful enough just breaking down or having an accident in your own car in a distant city, but it's even worse to have an accident in a rental truck with all your worldly possessions loaded in the back.
As ValueMoves professionally handles the arrangements of your shipment, you won't have any worries about your possessions sitting in a hotel/motel parking lot waiting for vandals to break in while you're sound asleep from a long, tiresome day driving on the road.

Reliability & Convenience

If you decide to pack yourself and drive, you need regular truck rental.
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