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If you're moving in or out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and need a reliable, well-maintained and affordable rental truck, these companies offer options to ensure a successful move.

ONE-WAY TRUCK RENTAL - Are you a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh or a native leaving the city for greener pastures? Whatever direction life is taking you in, your out-of-state do-it-yourself move is a turning point. Trust our national partner to provide you with a reliable, clean, and worry-free Pittsburgh truck rental that will make this important experience count.

Safe - If you live in Pittsburgh, you know how unusual a city it is with hills and slopes, bridges and rivers. Are you worried that when you're behind the wheel you're not as tough as the Pittsburgh Steelers? When you're driving a Pittsburgh truck rental from our partner, you don't have to be. They take care of each truck with preventative maintenance to ensure your safe travel. Routine inspections by expert technicians mean you're safe behind the wheel as you journey towards your new location.

Convenient - With five locations in the city of Pittsburgh and five more nearby, a truck rental is only a phone call or a mouse click away. Just reserve your truck, pick it up when it's time to move and return it when the work is done. Drop off your Pittsburgh truck rental at the location where you picked it up or drive it one-way to another location in your new home. For towing equipment or other supplies, just check out their affordable selection of accessories and moving materials.

Easy - Mileage is a big concern when you're undertaking an out-of-state move. You're covering a lot of miles, but you don't have to pay for them with a truck rental from our partner. They offer a variety of rental plans to meet any budget. And you'll only pay what you are quoted: there are no hidden charges or conditions.

You're leaving Pittsburgh and moving on. Move in the right direction when you self-move in a Pittsburgh truck rental from a naitonally known company. Reserve your truck today.

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ABF U-PACK - If you're leaving Pittsburgh, the core of the largest metropolitan area in Appalachia, you have more to do than just saying good-bye. Preparing for a long-distance move is hard work. By moving day, you're weary and ready to relax. Why not leave the hauling job to ABF U-Pack's professional drivers? Rent your ABF truck or Relocube™ and plan your journey in peace.

If you are driving out of the Golden Triangle or surrounding area towards a farther destination, you want to enjoy your last look at the beautiful skyline of your old home city, not worry about how you're going to handle a large trailer on the road. Enjoy your foray into the Ohio River Valley from the placid comfort of your own car as ABF takes your possessions safely to your new location. Focus on the roads and the life ahead in your new home. ABF U-Pack will meet you there.

And you never have to worry about the progress of your belongings. ABF U-Pack provides a unique tracking system so your shipment is never out of reach. You've done all the work, packed your things and said good-bye. Let ABF do the rest and enjoy the ride. Reserve your out-of-state moving solution with ABF U-Pack today. To find out how much you can SAVE click here.

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Changing addresses with a do-it-yourself move in America’s Most Livable City? Find the right Pittsburgh truck rental with ApartmentStores Moving and Relocation. Use these companies to find a well equipped modern moving vehicle to make sure the ride across the Golden Triangle of Pittsburgh’s downtown is smooth.

On the hilly city streets of Pittsburgh, you need a truck rental that won’t break the bank. If you’re moving yourself around the second largest city in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania find a rental plan that meets your budget: rent by the hour or the day, pay by the mile or have mileage included.

Whether you’re making your way from the West End to the East End, to the North Side to the South Side, when you’re moving in the seat of Allegheny County, use ApartmentStores Moving and Relocation to make moving day easy.

PITTSBURGH MOVERS - Whether your move is big or small, near or far, a full-service move may be the best solution for you. Review the Pittsburgh movers featured on ApartmentStores Moving and Relocation to find one that meets your moving needs.