Medical errors are common, but did you know that most patients don’t even report these errors? More often than not, patients may never know about the medical error made by a physician, nurse or administrator. In fact, patients may not know about the medical error until it causes unnecessary complications, or sudden death.

The most common medical error is medication-related. The wrong medication can be distributed or given to patients through pharmacies, while in hospitals, or in long-term care facilities. An estimated 1.5 million medication-related errors could have been prevented, and this number continues to increase on a daily basis.

Medical errors can also occur in the most sterile of environments. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) estimate that patients develop 1.7 million infections in hospitals each year, and it says these infections cost the lives of 99,000 people a year — that’s about 270 per day!

Even the government agrees that the numbers of medically-related mistakes are too high, and in 2008 a new law will go into effect. The new law states that Medicare will no longer pay hospital bills related to avoidable hospital mistakes. The government hopes that hospitals will tighten their reign on errors and the circumstances that create these errors.

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