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Need to move a small load in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma? Is your small move long distance? Generally a small move is any load that is less than 2000 pounds. Don't hire expensive full-service movers to move one room of furniture or a garage full of boxes. Save money by hiring a moving company that specializes in long distance small moves for your apartment or college dorm move.

Navis Small-Moves is a division of Navis Logistics Network, a 22-year-old family of companies that specializes in custom packaging and shipping for items that are fragile, large, awkward and valuable (FLAV™). Navis Small Moves offers specialized moving services for small load moves including boxes from storage, one or two room moves, college dorm moves, small office moves.

At Navis Small-Moves, we specialize in moving small shipments - generally moves under 2,000 pounds. Many moving companies have minimum weights, or charge you a small fortune to move one item, one room, or one valuable antique. That's because van lines generally want a large move that will fill their trucks. At Navis Small-Moves, we can move less than a truckload (LTL) at cost effective rates because that's our specialty. And we're less expensive than Fed Ex or UPS whose niche is generally overnight services or small packages. We have no minimum moving weight … we'll offer you the same impeccable customer service whether you are moving 2 pounds or 2,000!

At Navis Small-Moves, you're not restricted to moving from or within certain states ... coast-to-coast Navis Small-Moves is there for you! We handle thousands of household goods and small office moves every year within the continental United States with a less than a 1% claims ratio. So whether you're moving to New York, moving to California, or moving to Florida, Small Moves' nationwide network of professional packers and shippers can handle all your moving needs efficiently and cost effectively.

We offer small moves at do-it-yourself prices! There's no truck to rent, no long miles to drive, no breakdowns to worry about, and most importantly, no stress! We take care of all your moving needs for you. You can do as much or as little as you like, and we have various money-saving options to make your move as inexpensive as possible. You can take advantage of the volume discounts we receive from our carriers and insurance agents.

With many van lines, you have to wait until their moving trucks fill up to have your shipment moved. At Navis Small-Moves, we move your items via freight, and don't concern ourselves with having a full truckload, or ensuring our trucks have a full load on the way there or the way back. This results in faster transit times. And, if you need delivery quicker, you can choose our guaranteed pickup and delivery option. It may cost a little more, but we know your time is valuable too!

Have a last minute move? Call our customer service center at 877.305.8867 and we'll try to accommodate your times.

You have a variety of options for packing services depending on how much work you want to do yourself. We can pick up your pre-packed goods, or pack your belongings for you. We contract with Navis Logistics Network professional packers and craters who go through rigorous training to make sure they can provide our certified packing services. Our packers/craters handle all types of items, from fragile pictures and heirlooms to pool tables and jacuzzi's. We package your valuables in boxes or crates that meet or exceed manufacturer standards for new items such as electronics and computers.

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