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Nebraska's state insect is the honeybee, a fast flying worker that is often confused with the bumblebee. The bumblebee has a rounder body than the honeybee and slowly flies from one flower to a next. Now when it comes to moving, which one are you?

Move the way you want to move (whether fast and furious or slow and steady) with portable storage containers. These mobile units are an affordable option to big-buck, full-service moves with a timeline you have to commit to and the high-stress of renting a "do it yourself" moving truck!

Take the time to wrap your valuables, pack your boxes and load the portable storage containers at your own pace. Handle your move with the quality care that your items deserve! Whether precious mementos from your past or future memories for your children to hold, valuables are priceless. That's why with portable storage containers you keep the key to each unit!

Maybe you don't need to transport your unit to a new location, but simply need additional space while redecorating? Load your furniture, paint your walls and enjoy the results! Your items will stay dry and secure in the clean, weather-resistant portable storage container! After you've completed your renovating checklist, schedule the pick up of the portable storage containers. It couldn't be any easier!

No matter what pace you want to do your move at, portable storage containers work around your schedule and works with your budget!