SmartTrackLive, powered by SHERLOC™ is a web-based application, eliminating the need to install or manage software on your computers. Users log into the SLT web site to configure, manage, and track all their location devices. Vehicle, asset, or shipment locations can be displayed on a street level map or in time-stamped tabular form using street addresses as shown in the screen capture below.

Going far beyond location, however, the application has the intelligence to turn raw location data into real information, providing the tools to better manage your business.

System Features (some are device dependent):

Multiple User Levels (Supervisor, Administrator, Tracker, Observer) support operators, resellers, and enterprise operations, providing security and controlling access

Device Groups simplifies management of devices, supporting configuration or query by business unit, geographic area, functional assignment, or other criteria

Low battery or power loss notification

Reporting Features (some are device dependent):

Time-stamped notification of arrival or departure at key locations, tracking of vehicle movement outside of business hours, or alarm generation for speeding violations, are all examples of services that provide you with the information you need, when you need it.

Track their movements at regular intervals, receive notification when an alert event has occurred, or simply allow the device to remain dormant until you activate it remotely in the event of loss.

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