Up until recently wireless location devices have suffered from relatively high cost, high power consumption, and poor performance in urban or obstructed environments. A number of factors have recently converged, however, to significantly reduce these limitations. These factors include:

Leveraging these new capabilities, the reduced size and power consumption of recent wireless location products have enabled long-life battery powered untethered solutions, affording the realistic possibility of tracking packages, trailers, and other unpowered assets.

SmartTrackLive has recognized the value to our customers in supporting multiple types of location devices, offering a choice of form-factors, wireless and location technologies, and capabilities. The system currently supports a number of devices, and work is being done with the suppliers to support new devices as they become available.

The SPC-200 is a small rugged portable device, about the size of a package of cigarettes. With an internal antenna and rechargeable battery power it requires no external connections, making it easy to conceal within a package or shipment. It operates on CDMA wireless networks, providing a nationwide coverage footprint.

Based on the GPSone Assisted GPS (AGPS) technology, the SPC-200 has a receive sensitivity up to 20 dB higher than conventional GPS based devices. This higher location performance, combined with the ability to fall back to a network determined fix, supports position information from locations not previously viable: inside shipping containers, vehicles, trailers, warehouses, and buildings. Monitor shipments throughout the supply chain.

The SVC-100 is a 12V DC powered gpsOne vehicle tracker, incorporating an internal backup battery. With internal antennas, it is simple to install or conceal within a vehicle, requiring only power and ground as external connections.

Utilizing the same CDMA and AGPS based technology as the SPC-200, the SVC-100 provides vehicle location capabilities in urban environments and from inside structures where conventional GPS would not operate reliably.

The SVR-200 is a 7-24V DC powered GPS based location device designed for installation in vehicles. With internal storage of historical locations, geofence support, speed and motion alerts, and external I/O interface, it is well suited to vehicle tracking applications.

The SVR-200 operates on ReFLEX networks, supporting one of the largest and lowest cost digital wireless networks in North America.

The Location-Tag™ is a small, portable device designed for locating and recovering high-value, sensitive, or hazardous cargo. With internal antennas and a rechargeable battery it is easily concealed within a package, briefcase, or vehicle.

Utilizing both standard and Qpoint™ assisted GPS technologies, the Location-Tag™ provides location and tracking capabilities even from within challenging environments. Wireless communication linking is provided on ReFLEX networks, supporting one of the largest and lowest cost digital wireless networks in North America.

Locator LANtag
The Locator LANtag is a small, power-efficient WiFi based device that affixes to mobile assets to enable real-time location tracking. When used in conjunction with the Locator Software, it allows location of mobile assets down to a room level anywhere within the coverage of the WiFi network.

With this combination of small size, long battery life, and location accuracy the LANtag is well suited to the local tracking of mobile assets within the Healthcare and Manufacturing industries.

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