SmartTrackLive, powered by Sherloc® is a revolutionary technology that lets you track your move. With this new device, anything as large as your vehicle or as small as your wallet can be traced anywhere and everywhere with an internet based tracking system. If you are unable to access the internet, the SmartTrackLive system even has the ability to notify you on your cellular device or get direct assistance from our customer service.

With over 25 years of moving experience, we learned that not knowing where your belongings are and how long until they are delivered is very frustrating. After researching many different devices, we have found this technology to be ground-breaking in power and simplicity. You will feel more at ease knowing where your belongings, vehicle and anything else are at any time. With a simple small device that can be hidden anywhere in your belongings, you can locate your possessions right from your computer. And you can use this system for more than just moving (ask about how our tracking services can protect your kids!).

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