You probably paid a good amount of money for your piano and you know how heavy it is. Why would you try to move it to your new home yourself? Even with 6 friends and a big truck, one small “oops” could mean a significant cost for repairing or refurbishing your piano. Find reputable piano movers with ApartmentStores Moving and Relocation and leave the work to the professionals.

Moving a piano is more than wrapping it in blankets, getting it into and out of a moving truck. Despite their size, pianos are incredibly delicate and require special handling to ensure there is no negative affect to their sound quality during relocation. A professional piano mover does just that.

When researching piano movers and discussing the relocation of your spinet, console, upright or grand piano, ask your potential mover if they:

  • Ensure multiple layers of wrap are used to prevent surface scratches and moisture. The layers include plastic wrap and pads secured to the piano
  • Use 4 wheeled piano dollies to properly balance and support the weight of the piano
  • Have climate controlled trailers to prevent prolonged exposure to temperature shifts
  • Use automated lift gates to raise the piano into the moving truck
  • Employ satellite vehicle communication and tracking of all required paperwork

Proper technique will ensure the safety and security of your piano and ultimately protect your major investment. Find a professional piano mover with ApartmentStores Moving and Relocation.