Portable On Demand Storage (PODS) systems have become the modern way to move affordably.  An affordable solution to a full-service mover, moving pods give you complete control over your move.  Find one with ApartmentStores Moving and Relocation.

Moving pods make your move easy.  Delivered right to your doorstep, they are ideal for the do-it-yourself move with an added bonus:  you don’t have to maneuver a big truck rental – let someone else do the driving!  You also don’t have to worry about hauling boxes up and down the ramp of a truck rental; moving pods are placed at ground level.  Save your back!  Walk-in and walk-out with your boxes and furniture. 

Move on your own schedule; take as long as you want to pack up and load your moving pod.  Rental contracts have generous time frames so that you can avoid late fees or overage charges. 

Move safely and securely.  YOU load the moving pod the way you see fit.  No need to worry about your belongings being mishandled or poorly loaded so they shift during transit.  And only you have the key to your moving pod; you are always in control of who has access to your belongings.

Ready to take on a do-it-yourself move with a moving pod?  Find one with ApartmentStores Moving and Relocation.