You need to relocate. Question is: should you hire a full-service mover or do-it-yourself (DIY)? Worried that the only choice for DIY is to pack boxes in the trunk of your car and trek them from your old place to your new place? You're in luck - there are actually countless options for the DIY mover.

Truck Rental – rent a moving van, truck or trailer.  Pack up your belongings, load them up and drive them to your new place.  Unload and return the truck.  You can even return the truck to a different location.

Car Moving – for the DIY move where you rent a truck, what happens to your car?  If you feel daring, you can tow it behind your rental truck for the drive.  Or you can be safe and use a reputable car moving company to safely transport your vehicle.

Moving Labor – you need help for a DIY move.  If you can't convince enough friends to help load the truck rental, hire someone who will.

Self Moves – a great option for managing every part of your DIY move except one: the driving.  Pack your things, load a moving vehicle or POD and then let a professional transport it to your new location.

Moving Supplies – no need to beg for boxes at your local grocery store or save weeks worth of newspaper for packing.  Get clean, secure boxes, wrap, pads - even tape at one place, at one time and at great rates.

Now the big question is, which of these options will you use for a DIY move?  No matter which you choose, use ApartmentStores Moving and Relocation to locate everything you need.