Our Mission

With Budget Van Lines, you have an experienced team of moving professionals that will support you throughout every step of your relocation process. Our employees are dedicated to provide you with the best service to insure your move is handled in the best way possible.

About Budget Van Lines

Budget Van Lines is a full service household goods moving broker licensed by the U.S Department of Transportation. With over hundreds motor carriers and thousands of trucks currently enrolled in our program throughout the nation, we can provide our customers with the service they deserve at savings of up to 40% from the van line or motor carrier’s regular rates.

How do we do it?

Every day thousands of trucks are performing household goods deliveries and pickups throughout the U.S. In many instances these trucks will continue to their next destination unfilled. Our affiliated moving companies and van Lines will notify us of the location of their unfilled trucks, and the minimum rate in which they would be willing to transport your goods. Remember, since these trucks would otherwise travel to the next destination unfilled, the additional cost of transporting your load is relatively low.

Our advanced network maximizes the efficiency of our motor carriers and provides our customers with great savings.