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Homeowners Insurance

Policy Basics
The typical homeowners policy consists of 6 different parts, designated by the letters A-F on the policy. Each part plays a different role in your coverage.

Types of Coverage
There are 4 basic types of Homeowner (HO) policies, each with its own type of coverage. There are two types of coverage methods: Named and All-risk.

Named methods cover only what is detailed in the policy: if it's not mentioned, you're not covered.

All-risk is the reverse of named: it lists exclusions to the policy and covers whatever isn't mentioned. Like its name suggests, it generally has better coverage. Limits of coverage vary from carrier to carrier. However, no policy covers acts of war, nuclear accidents or floods. Flood insurance requires separate policy altogether. Earthquake Protection can be added as an endorsement.

HO-1 Basic Homeowner
Usually a named policy, this includes insurance for the following 11 perils: fire/lightning, windstorm/hail, explosions, riot/civil unrest, aircraft, vehicles, smoke, vandalism/destructive mischief, theft, damage by glass/glazing material of house, and volcanic eruption. An HO-1 may also include additional common services.

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