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When your move is taking you across town and not across state, find a rental truck from a local company for a fast and convenient move.

You’re relocating but you’re staying in “The Windy City” and plan on managing the move yourself. For a local move you won’t need the benefits and rigor that a national company provides. Instead, find a rental truck right in your own backyard; one that can get your boxes and furniture from one home to the next all in the same day. Whether your move takes you from West Ridge to Edgewater or form Garfield Ridge to Gage Park, an affordable, easy to access moving truck is nearby.

The do-it-yourself move is the best way to manage every aspect of your move across town. No matter if you're moving a 4 bedroom home or a studio apartment, moving on your own can be the least stressful way to relocate. You control what happens, when it takes place, how and even WHO is involved. Pack on your own time, load the truck how you want, get 2 friends to help or 20. When it's done, order a bunch of deep-dish for your helpers and get on with getting settled into your new place.

No matter where you relocate or how you move, ApartmentStores Moving and Relocation can help you with all of your moving needs (except for the pizza!)