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If you're moving in or out of Druid Hills, Georgia and need a reliable, well-maintained and affordable rental truck, these companies offer options to ensure a successful move.

ONE WAY TRUCK RENTAL - When you're embarking on a "do-it-yourself" move you need a truck rental that is convenient, affordable and reliable. When your Druid Hills truck rental comes from our national partner, you get all that and more.

Safe - When you're behind the wheel of a Druid Hills truck rental from our partner, you're driving a moving truck that has received routine expert maintenance by professional technicians to ensure your safe travel in all road conditions.

Convenient - Why drive out of your way to pick up your Druid Hills truck rental? Our partner has convenient locations across North America - there's one near you. Reserve your truck online or by telephone then pick it up when you're ready to move. Return the vehicle to the same Druid Hills truck rental location or drive it one way and drop it off at another when you arrive in your new city.

Easy - Want a one stop shop for moving? Get your towing equipment, moving supplies and accessories in one place at affordable prices. With affordable rates and a variety of easy to understand rental plans, obtaining your rental truck through our partner is the easiest part of moving.

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ABF U-PACK - If your move is taking you out of Druid Hills and out of Georgia altogether, consider using ABF. With the ABF U-Pack solution for your move out of DeKalb County, you don’t have to haul a trailer or drive a big rental truck - a professional driver transports your belongings. Call ABF to rent a truck, trailer or a Relocube™ and have it delivered to your Druid Hills home. Then pack your things, load them into the truck/trailer and call ABF. The ABF driving team will pick up the container and transport your belongings to your new location.

Because you’re not driving a truck full of furniture, your trip out of Georgia to your new home can be as direct or as leisurely as you’d like. Maybe you journey will take you out south through the Florida panhandle or north through Tennessee. Perhaps you’re not driving to your new destination, but flying out of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. No matter how you travel or when you arrive at your new location, the ABF team transports your belongings safely and securely. If you worry about where they are and when they’ll arrive, you can check on their location during transport by using ABF’s unique shipment tracking system.

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Are you moving around Druid Hills or to a neighboring community in the Atlanta metro area? A student at Emory University or one of the other many colleges/universities in the Atlanta area? If you choose a “do-it-yourself” move, choose to do it right by using ApartmentStores Moving and Relocation to help you find a Druid Hills truck rental. Whether you need a big truck or a moving van, to rent by the hour or for an entire day, you’ll find a variety of truck rental companies with different rental agreements to satisfy any budget or any moving need. Determine your moving needs and find a Druid Hills truck rental for your “do-it-yourself” move.