People With Pets Provides a One Stop Resource For Living with Pets

Service Offers Information on Pet Friendly Apartments, Hotel Accommodations, and More

People With Pets, a full service resource providing pet owners with information for all of their pet needs. New information ranging from finding pet friendly rental units to traveling with pets can be found all at the click of a button.

The sometimes difficult task of finding a pet friendly apartment is made easy through People With Pets as the website provides a directory of pet friendly apartment communities in 102 cities across the country. Apartment communities from coast to coast can be researched through the website to provide pet owners the resource they need to find the right pet-friendly place to live. Additionally, the site provides listings for individuals seeking roommates in a pet friendly environment.

In addition to helping pet owners find living spaces, People With Pets also provides helpful tips for traveling with pets. Often times the member left behind on a family vacation is the family pet. People With Pets provides a resource guide of pet friendly hotels across the county, and discounted rates to those hotels. An easy to navigate database puts travelers in direct contact to any one of hundreds of hotel properties.

”Our goal is to ease the burden of finding rental housing or hotel accommodations for pet owners,” said Alex Dobrow, founder of People With Pets. “When it comes to moving or traveling with pets often times people have to make difficult considerations. We are providing a resource that will hopefully allow them to move into the place they want to live, or travel to the destination they want to visit, while bringing along every member of their family.”


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