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Off-Campus Housing 101 is owned and operated by Ecom Media Group, Inc (EMG) of Kelowna, BC. EMG has over 6 years experience in running off-campus housing websites for top Canadian, U.S. and Australian colleges and universities. Our listing service is designed to help you find your new home quickly and easily. Our rental listing service provides users with the maximum amount of information about available rental properties while minimizing the time required finding suitable housing. Off-Campus Housing 101 is part of The My Ideal Home Network which is comprised of a number of rental listing websites that feature properties across North America and Australia. No matter where you are attending school or moving to after graduation, we want to be your source for rental property information.

The Internet has presented itself as an excellent vehicle for distributing comprehensive rental information complete with extra features such as photographs, virtual tours, mapping and driving instructions. The refined search feature allows you to be as specific as you would like, helping you find a new home that is just right for you. Best of all, searching our database is absolutely FREE.

Providing Off Campus Housing Solutions for Canadian and USA Schools:
OffCampusHousing101.com (OCH101) is a complete leading edge internet-based off-campus housing solution. This "FREE" service compliments all off-campus and commuter programs within the school environment. Providing a valuable off-campus housing solution for your students, faculty, and staff helps to improve auxiliary services for the entire school community.

OCH101 has been providing off-campus housing solutions since 1998. We have worked with over 60 schools across Canada and the US. We are members of the National Commuter Association and have presented at ACPA, UNT's Drive In Commuter Conference and WACUHO-I. We continuously incorporate features to improve and enhance our off-campus housing product to ensure that each school receives exactly what they require. In March of 2005 we received honorable mention for the Commission 17: Commuter Students & Adult Learners Outstanding Commuter Program at ACPA. Our partnered school website range in size: our smallest school has 10 to 15 listings and our largest school can have over 1000 listings.

Benefits To The School

  • Prospective students experience a complete off-campus housing solution.
  • Site is completely branded to the school and the school is in control.
  • Completely FREE solution for the school.
  • School becomes a part of an international network of off-campus housing.
  • Low administration requirements from school - Complete turn-key solution.
  • Goodwill generated in local community.
  • Easy and convenient management tools are provided as part of the off-campus housing solution.
  • FREE training and assistance for all staff.
  • Site specific and landlord statistics.
  • Can provide a revenue stream for off-campus housing departments.
  • The off-campus housing solution can also host apartment guides, local information, housing fair information, commuter student information, and school specific items.
  • Software can create classified listings for the school newspaper if desired.
  • Internet based - No software to load.

Benefits To The Student

  • Always FREE for students to search the database.
  • Students access a large real-time database of student housing vacancies in the area of the school.
  • Current and prospective students have world-wide access to listings via the Internet.
  • Listings provide students considerable information about available housing, including photos and text, extended contact information and property features.
  • New automated rental alert system to help students find suitable housing.
  • Searchable database - searchable by conditions such as number of bedrooms, price and type of housing.
  • Site is branded to your school, thus maintaining a congruent student experience.
  • Automated mapping assists students in locating listed properties.
  • Internet based - No software to load.

Benefits to Landlords & Community

  • First listing is FREE to allow a full service trial.
  • Landlords add and manage their own listings in real-time from any Internet connection protected by a personalized password.
  • The landlord may login at anytime to his/her account to add, modify, de-list, re-list or view their stats and billing history.
  • Automated email system to allow tracking of all prospective clients.
  • Landlords are provided with valuable statistics for each listing (activity tracking).
  • Landlords may enter unlimited text and photos.
  • Time-wasting casual inquiries are minimized by comprehensive listings.
  • Property listings take just minutes to place through a simple Internet-based process - This is a one time procedure.
  • Rented listings are archived for future re-listing.
  • Automated mapping assists prospective residents in locating listed properties.


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