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If you're moving in or out of Birmingham, Alabama and need a reliable, well-maintained and affordable rental truck, these companies offer options to ensure a successful move.

ONE-WAY TRUCK RENTAL - Whether you're a departing Birmingham native or a graduating college student, if you're embarking on a do-it-yourself move you want to do it right. Enjoy the moving experience you want with a Birmingham truck rental. As you pack your belongings you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you've rented the best in safe and reliable moving trucks.

Safe - With almost a quarter of Alabama's total population residing in the city of Birmingham, when you're driving your one-way truck rental you'll have a plenty of traffic to navigate. Congested road conditions can be stressful, but you don't have to add to your worry behind the wheel of your truck. Our one-way truck rental partner provides routine expert maintenance by professional technicians to ensure your safe travel in all road conditions.

Convenient - Our one-way truck rental partner has four locations in Birmingham proper and seven more in the surrounding areas, you're sure to find the truck that's right for you. You can reserve your truck online or by telephone, then just pick it up when you're ready to move. Return the vehicle to the same Birmingham truck rental location or drive it one way to another drop-off when you arrive in your new city. Do you need towing equipment or other supplies? Check out the well-priced selection of accessories and moving materials when you rent your truck.

Easy - You're about to travel some long miles between Birmingham and your new home. Use a truck rental provider that offers no hidden charges or conditions.

ABF U-PACK - When you're moving, there is so much to arrange that it's a great idea to leave the driving in the hands of ABF U-PACK's professional drivers. Just rent a truck or a Relocube™ and the work is almost done. You pack up and leave the rest to ABF. Meet your belongings at your new address!

Birmingham is home to the Jazz Hall of Fame and the Sports Hall of Fame. ABF U-Pack is famous too, for taking the best possible care of your possessions as they travel the miles of your long-distance move. You've done all the work, now it's time to take a relaxing drive in your own familiar car out-of-state to your new destination. Are you taking one of Alabama's many scenic drives out of town? Enjoy the view as ABF hauls your belongs home.

And you never have to worry about your personal effects getting lost or too far ahead. Track the progress of your truckload with a unique tracking system. Know exactly where your shipment is located at all times as you make your way towards your new destination.

Reserve your out-of-state moving solution with ABF U-Pack today. To find out how much you can SAVE click here.

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As the 13th largest metropolis in the region, Birmingham is packed with people on the roads, and like any Southern city, it can get hotter than hush-puppies. Make sure you’re driving a reliable rental truck that won’t break down on I-65 South or I-459 North. Get the right size van or truck and a rental agreement that meets your needs with these Birmingham truck rental companies. And for all your moving needs, turn to ApartmentStores Moving and Relocation.

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